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° Management Plan
   - Realising the GIS database with persons and institutions responsible for land management
   - The Landowners Directory Committee component
° Electric fences
   - Composition of electric fences
   - Functioning principle for the electrical protection system
   - Assembling the electric fences
   - Maintaining the electric fence
   - Practical advices
   - Electric fence benefits
   - Implementing the sheepfolds electrical protection system
°Intervention Unit
   - Rehabilitation and Monitoring Centre
   - Animal Rescue Mobile Unit
° Monitoring of large carnivores & prey
   - Assessing large carnivores relative abundance using hair snares
   - Assessing large carnivores relative abundance using remote cameras
   - Assessing the large carnivores populations based on animals tracks, signs and scats
   - GPS Localization (Global Positioning System)
   - VHF Localization (Very High Frequency)
° Natura 2000

Electric fence benefits

   Among the benefits of their use are:
Low costs (a system with 3 wires and solar panel, for a perimeter of 400 m, costs approximately 400€);
Low maintenance costs;
Represent an active barrier that stops the entrance of wild animal;
The electric wires can serve as fence for any perimeter, there isn’t necessary to build another fence, and they can be moved in the same time with the sheepfold;
Animals receive a non-lethal electrical shock and will avoid contacts with the fence; their lives aren’t in danger
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