carnivore mari  
° Plan management
   - Realizarea bazei de date GIS cu persoanele si institutiile responsabile de managementul terenurilor
   - Componenta Comitetului Director al detinatorilor de terenuri
   - Planuri de management
° Garduri electrice
   - Componentele gardului electric
   - Principiul de functionare
   - Montarea gardului electric
   - Intretinerea gardului electric
   - Sfaturi practice
   - Beneficiile gardului electric
   - Implementarea sistemelor moderne de protectie a stanelor
° Unitatea de Interventie
   - Centrul de Monitorizare si Reabilitare
   - Unitate Mobila pentru salvarea Animalelor (A.R.M.U.)
° Monitorizare carnivore mari & prada
   - Estimarea cu ajutorul capcanelor pentru par
   - Localizarea cu ajutorul camerelor foto automate
   - Estimarea populaţiei de carnivore mari pe baza urmelor
   - Localizare GPS (Global Positioning System)
   - Localizare VHF (Very High Frequency)
° Natura 2000
   - Conceptul Natura 2000
   - Situri Natura 2000 in Vrancea

The Landowners Directory Committee component

   For the establishment of the Landowners Directory Committee, there were sicutions with land owners and administrators from the Natura 2000 sites, in order to identify local leaders and the responsibilities on local communities that own forestry fields. After these consultations it was clear that all the chiefs of communitarian associations (named “Obsti”) wich own forestry fields must be present in the Directory Committee, as well as representatives of local authorities managing the forests.

    A first encounter of the Landowners Directory Committee took place at the headquarters of the Vrancea County Council, it purpose being of establishing the strategic objectives for preserving the project’ pSCI-
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