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° Management Plan
   - Realising the GIS database with persons and institutions responsible for land management
   - The Landowners Directory Committee component
° Electric fences
   - Composition of electric fences
   - Functioning principle for the electrical protection system
   - Assembling the electric fences
   - Maintaining the electric fence
   - Practical advices
   - Electric fence benefits
   - Implementing the sheepfolds electrical protection system
°Intervention Unit
   - Rehabilitation and Monitoring Centre
   - Animal Rescue Mobile Unit
° Monitoring of large carnivores & prey
   - Assessing large carnivores relative abundance using hair snares
   - Assessing large carnivores relative abundance using remote cameras
   - Assessing the large carnivores populations based on animals tracks, signs and scats
   - GPS Localization (Global Positioning System)
   - VHF Localization (Very High Frequency)
° Natura 2000

Functioning principle for the electrical protection system

   A generator transmits an electric current along the fence. An animal touching the wires creates through its body an access way for the electric current into the ground and back to the generator (earthen) for closing the circuit. An animal or the vegetation touching the fence will be closing the system, causing the currents flow.

   The electric current (impulse) or shock emitted by the generator lasts only 0,0003 seconds. The impulses are separated by 1,2 seconds. An electrical fence is totally non-hazardous, actually being more animal friendly than the barbed wire than can cause plagues to animals.

   The felt shock is a combination between the fence’s voltage and the time of the electric impulse. As the shock received by the animal is greater, its memory will be longer. The main idea is that of determining carnivores to investigate the fence in a slow and precautious manner to provoke the first shock in the nose. If the shock is received in the back, animals often action by advancing and not by retrieving.

   There are a few ways to determine predators to raise their nose towards the fence. The bait (chicken wings) can be hanged by the active wire of the fence. The power of the first shock will often determine the future behaviour of the animal towards the fence.
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