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° Management Plan
   - Realising the GIS database with persons and institutions responsible for land management
   - The Landowners Directory Committee component
° Electric fences
   - Composition of electric fences
   - Functioning principle for the electrical protection system
   - Assembling the electric fences
   - Maintaining the electric fence
   - Practical advices
   - Electric fence benefits
   - Implementing the sheepfolds electrical protection system
°Intervention Unit
   - Rehabilitation and Monitoring Centre
   - Animal Rescue Mobile Unit
° Monitoring of large carnivores & prey
   - Assessing large carnivores relative abundance using hair snares
   - Assessing large carnivores relative abundance using remote cameras
   - Assessing the large carnivores populations based on animals tracks, signs and scats
   - GPS Localization (Global Positioning System)
   - VHF Localization (Very High Frequency)
° Natura 2000

Environment Protection Agency Vrancea

   The European Commission launched in 1992 the LIFE programme, a financial instrument for co-financing initiatives that promotes the environmental sustainable development, nature and habitats preserving, administrative structures, environmental services, educating and informing the European population (member states and those in course of adhesion).

   In the 3rd phase, implemented between 2000 and 2004, and subsequently expanded until 2006, due to the delay in the enactment of LIFE’s programme legal bases, they are continued activities of preserving natural habitats, natural flora and fauna, especially through the Natura 2000 network.

   The LIFE05NAT/RO/000170 “Enhancing the protection system for large carnivores in Vrancea County” project is financed by the European Union through the LIFE III project and was elaborated in order to continue conservation activities, administrating and restoration of viable populations for large carnivores from the Ursus arctos, Canis lupus and Lynx lynx species, as part of the Vrancea County ecosystems, in coexistence with the local population.

   The activities that will be developed through this project precede an initiative materialised by another European financed LIFE project, starting in 2002, LIFE02/NAT/RO/8576 – “In situ conservation of large carnivores from Vrancea County”.

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