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° Promoting the protected areas
° Preventing poaching
° Promoting the social benefits of Natura 2000 and local network

Promoting the social benefits of Natura 2000 and local network

  Explaining the concept of Natura 2000 proved to be an essential element for implementing the network in Europe. Biodiversity conservation isn’t viable if it leads to restrictions in the case of land uses or changes in the people’s life. Also, if the restrictions aren’t accompanied by damages compensation schemes, the final result will be the rejection of biodiversity conservation actions.

That is why, for increasing the understanding level of the Natura 2000 concept, and the social-economical benefits generated by including the protected areas from the mountain space of Vrancea County in the European ecological network Natura 2000, in the LIFE05/NAT/RO/000170 project was established an educational campaign backed by conceiving, editing and distributing informative materials which have as subject the Natura 2000 network and the local network for the protection of large carnivores. Materials and communication manners for promoting the social-economical benefits of the Natura 2000 network is realised based on the “Strategy for communication regarding the concept of Natura 2000”, The strategy was realised starting from the EC recommendations and comprises:
-describing the strategy’s instruments: information and communication
-base principles in the communication strategy;
-responsibilities and objectives of the communicators team;
-analyse of the existent communication channels;
-approaching the interested parts afferent to the Natura 2000 protected area;
-communication strategy structure;
-evaluating communication impact;

For evaluating the information baggage of the local populations regarding the Natura 2000 concept, it has been considerate adequate a written opinion questionnaire, for the November 2006 – April 2007 period in Bradetu, Naruja, Herastrau, Haulisca, Coza, Lepsa and Gresu, on a sample of 150 persons with ages between 25 and 55. This questionnaire evidenced for all the analysed population a poor information on the Natura 2000 concept or a misunderstanding of the few information on this subject. Starting with September 2006, took place a series of meetings between the Vrancea County authorities and landowners, with the purpose of presenting the concept Natura 2000 and the designation as Natura 2000 sites of some areas from Vrancea.
These information campaigns had as an objective presenting to the participants the Natura 2000 proposals from Vrancea, familiarising with the base notions concerning the Natura 2000 concept, presenting benefits and attributions imposed by implementing the Natura 2000 network in Romania, and the financial possibilities.

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