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° Promoting the protected areas
° Preventing poaching
° Promoting the social benefits of Natura 2000 and local network

Promoting the protected areas

  The local network of protection for large carnivores is recently established (finalised in the previous LIFE project) and still unknown. Even if information regarding such aspects exists, it needs to be disseminated at a local level trough awareness campaigns. Thus, this educational campaign tries to increase the local people’s perception regarding the fact that biodiversity’s conservation is efficient only by establishing protected areas, what the requirements for preservation are, and what the benefits of the protected areas are.

   In the “Awareness increasing campaign – Promoting the protected areas network for large carnivores’ conservation”, in the first half of 2007 took place a series of meetings with local leaders, with the purpose of informing them upon the protected areas network for large carnivores’ conservation and the importance of protecting large carnivores related with the European network Natura 2000. On this occasion were discussed the following aspects:
- information regarding the LIFE Nature project “Enhancing the protection system for large carnivores in Vrancea County” (purpose, objectives, results),
- connection with the previous project, protected areas network for large carnivores conservation (the ecological network concept),
- stages of the network’s establishment in Vrancea, the need for the network,
- large carnivores – information regarding their biology and behaviour,
- pro and contra arguments for large carnivores conservation, negative effects related to the disappearance of large carnivores.
   The main result of these series of meetings was that of reducing the level of rejection for large carnivores by local leaders, through a better knowing of these species behaviour and understanding animal reactions towards human communities.

   Among the modalities of promoting the protected areas network was that of creating a webpage that will offer complex information about the protected areas from Vrancea County, both about their legal functioning status and their description. The webpage “Protected areas in Vrancea” is hosted on the web domain of the project

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