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Awareness campaign
- Promoting the brown bear conservation and conflict reduction methods
- Promoting the best practices and actions necessary to protect hibernation dens
- Promoting the communitarian interest sites
- Promoting local traditional products in Natura 2000 sites

   Promoting the communitarian interest sites

   The explanation of the Natura 2000 concept proved to be an essential element for implementing of this protected area network in Europe. The brown bear’s conservation is not viable if it leads only at restrictions regarding land uses or at changes in the life styles of the people. If the restrictions are not followed by damage compensation systems, the final result will be the rejection of the habitat conservation actions. The Natura 2000 sites from the project’s area have the main goal of large carnivore protection, which became the standard conservation species in these sites.
   The leading of an educative campaign having the topic for example the Natura 2000 sites will insure a strong support from the people regarding the sites of the Natura 2000 network. It will offer a new vision over the problems of the large carnivores, this being the coexistence between people and large carnivores in an already tested ecosystem.
   A wide education campaign for promotion the Natura 2000 sites has been implemented in Vrancea County within the project LIFE05NAT/RO/000170, but at the level of the whole project’s area are missing the activities which can promote the socio- economical benefits generated by the status of communitarian interest site. The insuring of this specie’s conservation presumes first of all a unitary management at least of the Natura 2000 sites and insuring of the site’s connectivity at the level of the entire project. This campaign will be focused on areas where hasn’t been implemented public awareness rising activities, regarding the Natura 2000 sites designated for bear conservation (in Covasna and Harghita counties), but will have promoting activities as a compact body of the protected area network on the project’s area.
   Based on the discussions with the stakeholders from the Natura 2000 sites, the campaign will have as logistical support a communication toolkit realized according with the strategy resulted in the frame of A3 activity.