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Awareness campaign
- Promoting the brown bear conservation and conflict reduction methods
- Promoting the best practices and actions necessary to protect hibernation dens
- Promoting the communitarian interest sites
- Promoting local traditional products in Natura 2000 sites

   Promoting the brown bear conservation and conflict reduction methods

   The lack of knowledge about large carnivores, their behavior and ecological characteristics led in time at the creation of a totally negative image regarding these species.
   Especially in the rural areas the bear is associated with a fierce and dangerous enemy. The creation of the Natura 2000 sites has intensified the conflicts in several places, due of the restrictions enforced regarding the exploiting of natural resources in the bear populated habitats. The local people don’t know the legislation which permits the compensation systems.
   People with activities near the bear habitats or in the bear habitats don’t know how to act in a circumstance they meet a bear, fact that often generates fatal accidents, where the bear is always considered the main responsible and guilty.
   People from the rural areas near the bear habitats must understand that these species are important links of a system and that their disappear will result much bigger damages: the example of the western European countries where the damages made by ungulates and wild boars are thousand times bigger than those produced by carnivores in Romania, due to the lack of top predators.