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Awareness campaign
- Promoting the brown bear conservation and conflict reduction methods
- Promoting the best practices and actions necessary to protect hibernation dens
- Promoting the communitarian interest sites
- Promoting local traditional products in Natura 2000 sites

   Promoting the best practices and actions necessary to protect hibernation dens

   It is very important to understand that a disturbed bear during the hibernation period, suffers a critical energy loss due to the excessively moving made in order to escape the disturbing factor. This lost energy (which would have been used optimal for surviving in the cold period) can generate the animal’s death if the winter is hard. The situation is even more drastic with female which give suck. The disturbance during the milking period can lead at the loss of the cubs and many times affects also the female, which can recover only in the vegetation period.
   These den disturbances can provoke indirectly the garbage bear phenomenon, because in the areas where these garbage sites are nearby they will be the only feeding chance for the disturbed bears during the winter.
   Many times even the wildlife managers don’t know very well these hibernation sites, nor the laws which are coming to help the protection of them. More than that the lack of knowledge about the behavior specifics of female bears with cubs leads at the killing of females provoking the orphaning of several cubs per year.
   In the last 5 years more than 10 bear cubs arrived in the Rehab Center due to the disturbance of the females at the nourishing dens. In most of the cases the forest workers and responsible companies didn’t know that in that certain place was a hibernation den. All these cases where coming from the project’s area.
   The tourism activity presents an increasing trend in Romania, but unfortunately in a chaotic way. The lack of knowledge regarding these areas close to tourist routes or cabins causes often the disturbance of the hibernation dens, increasing the abandon and mortality of the bear cubs. Unfortunately for a certain human category is not enough if they can admire the nature’s beauties walking through it, but only if they can run over the areas with nosy machines as the snowmobiles or ATV’s. The disturbing factors of these have many negative effects on this indicator species, especially in the case of the brown bear and it’s hibernation dens.