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Awareness campaign
- Promoting the brown bear conservation and conflict reduction methods
- Promoting the best practices and actions necessary to protect hibernation dens
- Promoting the communitarian interest sites
- Promoting local traditional products in Natura 2000 sites

   Awareness campaign

   From experience accumulated in previous LIFE projects, it has been founded that target groups should be addressed the awareness campaigns are generally composed of local people from rural areas. As it is known, in rural localities from Romania, the standard of living is low and the locals have no access to many of the modern means of communication (Internet, television, radio) there being even villages in the project area where there is no electricity (Piscul Radului, Chiricari in Vrancea County), and equipping with computers and are quite rare even among schools or local authorities. In this context it is explained why a large part of the information materials are printed on paper, this being the only method of disseminating that can reach all target groups identified.
   Promoting the objectives and result of the project LIFE 08NAT/RO/000500 – Best practices and demonstrative actions for conservation of Ursus arctos specie in Eastern Carpathians Romania is an essential condition for the project success. Also the campaign activities will be focused on diminishing all factors which lead to appearance of human-bear conflicts and decreasing bear population from project implementation area.